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"My sincere thanks to Christina Dudley, who offered great editorial advice on the manuscript."
-- David Irwin, author of The Last Caddy, winner of the 2016 International Network of Golf award for Best Book

"Thank you, Christina, editor extraordinaire, who not only made this book better but also helped ensure it actually got done with her direct feedback and encouraging nudges."
-- Laura Landau, author of The Life-Balance Playbook, which Kirkus Reviews called "pragmatic and inspiring"

"...Extremely helpful...You were really quick to respond, and the feedback you gave was definitely a level above what I was getting from my other readers...You also had a great mixture of positives and constructive criticism in your feedback...I would definitely recommend this to other budding writers."
-- Alice Kembel, author of Outnumbered

"You've given me a lot in your Critique, I am quite pleased...thank you for doing a wonderful job. I will need your services for [my novel]."
-- Olive Rose Steele, author of And When We Pray and Great Is Thy Faithfulness

"I’ll always remember her amazing ability to keep an eye on the story line at the same time as performing thousands of detailed edits. She is one of those special people who embody the phrase: Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well."
- Douglas W. Farnell, author of The Snow Leopard and the Ibex

“She really tightened up my writing. I learned more about the English language in a three-page document she sent me of suggestions and edits than I learned in any of my English classes. I’m so grateful for her help.”
-- Delaney Berggren, author of Breakers

"I wanted to thank you personally for your review of my book Iron Bars. I had read, re-read, edited and re-edited, to the point that I really needed another opinion...I am hoping that I can take what I have learned in writing this book and apply it to writing other books. I am finding out that it is a lot of fun creating characters and stories. I have a couple of other fictional stories that are floating around in my head." - L. Bieghler

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